Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Last Saturday night we finally went to karaoke and it was fantastic. It was me, Craig, James-san from my Japanese class, and Natsuke-san James' coworker. The way it works here is you rent a room appropriate for your group size and only sing in front of your friends. There is also no stage, you just pass around wireless mics (which were packaged in plastic when we got there, cleanliness first). Our room was shaped like a space pod and even had neon light detailing. In the front was a big flat screen were the words would flash up, this is what everyone is looking at in the pictures. There were also images, usually bikini clad Japanese women frolicking on the beach; we've asked around and that's not uncommon - the images used, I don't know how often Japanese women frolic.

The top picture is Craig singing Paranoid by Black Sabbath. He even did an accent but said it was more Oliver Twist than Ozzy. I thought it rocked. James-san was clearly getting into it.

The first song of the night was our duet of Hotel California. We also did Rebel Yell, Smooth, and Paradise by the Dashboard Light (although it was edited down and I feel robbed). James-san, an Australian, picked songs by INXS and Men at Work.
Natsuke-san picked P-P-Poker Face, which we all joined in on, and a famous Japanese song the rest of us bopped our heads to. I can't wait to go again!

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  1. Love that photo of Craig!!! You're so lucky, Quinn, you got the scientist AND the rocker.