Friday, March 9, 2012

My Dinner with Sakamoto-sensei

Sakamoto-sensei invited me to her home while Craig was traveling and we (I really just watched) made quite the dinner. There was quiche, sushi, adzuki rice, tempura, rice with salmon, ginger, shiso leaves, egg, and nori mixed in, and almond cake for appetizer :)

Sounds like a lot but this is Japan and serving size is what's important - for example the quiche had only one egg in it. The sushi was tuna and she prepared it with olive oil, black pepper, wasabi, and soy sauce. I've never had sushi with olive oil and it was pretty delicious.

Her house was very nice and Western; there was one Japanese room with tatami mats.

This is the fruit of her labors and I think I can make everything she showed me - as quickly and efficiently, probably not.

She knows I don't drink green tea so she served sakura cha, cherry blossom tea. The cherry blossoms were dried and salted so the tea smelled really good and cherry-like but the flavor was salty.

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