Sunday, February 5, 2012

Inoshishi Matsuri (Prepare to have your mind cuteness blown)

Some of you might remember that we traveled to Sasayama months ago once I discovered there was a place that specialized in wild boar cuisine. Well, a couple weekends ago was an entire festival dedicated to Inoshshi. The festival consisted of two things - inoshishi races and food made with inoshishi.

Here is a ridiculously cute sight - a little dog dressed up as an Inoshishi. I asked his owner if I could take the picture using Japanese.

Three action shots of a race. The entire race track was probably only 50ft. The participants were actually baby inoshishi. The track was completely fenced in, it turns out inoshishi can jump pretty high. They began in a crate and had to run out a door onto the actual track when the race started. However, they never wanted to leave the box so it would take a few minutes after the starting gun (just a recording of the sound played on the sound system) before they appeared.

At a local souvenir shop there were piles of inoshishi inspired stuff to buy - these were the cutest.
Sweet bread shaped like inoshishi.
Less than half of the line waiting to buy roasted inoshishi.
And - roasted inoshishi. It looked pretty appetizing but not enough to wait in that line. We had inoshishi sausages and burgers instead. Those little babies were probably scared to leave the crate because they could smell their older brother on the spit.

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  1. well - atleast they took off the head before "spitting" -