Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June 29th

We finally bought couch so I won't be sitting on the floor much longer - yay! While I wait for the delivery guy here are some pictures I've taken of bad English - it is, of course, a bizillion times better than my Japanese - and other things that have caught my attention.

Apparently ideas of masculinity are different here or, maybe, it is a positive message about women's strength. "Training One's Body To Strengthen Is Effeminate"

Their mascot doubles as a delicious snack. One thing I've noticed is a very efficient use of space and resources, although seeing the crispy rice Okoshi life sized is a little creepy.

Does anyone else think this is a picture of a baby with a beer?

This is the sign introducing one of the exhibits at the aquarium. Honestly, I was wondering what everything would taste like, not if they would be my friend.

This is some tasty tempura I had on Friday night. Presentation is very important and deep fried noodles are very good.

"It is strong in time, and it is gently to time tough at time." I think that says it all.

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