Saturday, June 25, 2011

June 22nd

Awhile ago, during a dinner of noodles and other stuff, we got to hear the muzak version of Yankee Doodle and I asked Craig if he thought we'd ever hear something just totally inappropriate because most people don't understand English. Muzak and Disney is still the most common thing we hear, but some stores seem to like to play American hip hop in order to prove how edgy they are. Well, my question was answered today. I went to the South Rokko Mall in order to get some much needed galoshes and while browsing a shoe store, I definitely heard some inappropriate music. The chorus and most of the verses of the song were pretty tame, standard 'I want money and hos' misogyny lazy performers fall back on, when the obligatory guest rapper started up. I'm guessing the song was designed so his section could be cut for radio play and left in for 'real' fans. So, while old ladies and parents with little kids checked out shoes, we got to listen to what positions the guest rapper prefers and the kind of noises he wants to hear those b*tches making. It was pretty surreal.

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