Monday, June 27, 2011

June 28th

Last night, in order to stamp out that awful Ethiopian restaurant experience we decided to try Desi Chai, an Indian restaurant that's about a 25min walk from our apartment, so much closer than the one we went to in Sannomiya. It was very good. I wanted to take a picture but realized I'd brought the camera but forgot to put in new batteries. There was one man working there and he spoke excellent English and the menu was in English and Japanese which was one point in the restaurant's favor. He brought a pitcher of water and left it on the table, point number 2. What we ordered was delicious and spicy and we were actually full afterwards, points 3, 4 and 5. He asked us if we wanted a grapefruit type fruit for dessert free of charge because the tree grows in his yard and he just brings in the fruit to give away when they're in season. He sliced it into bite sized pieces and it was like a cross between a grapefruit and a blood orange, point 6. It wasn't expensive, point 7. We will become regular customers and when/if any of you come to visit we will definitely take you there. The man is Indian and said he's been living in Japan for 40 years. He worked in a restaurant for over 30 of them and once he retired he decided to open his own place.

After dinner, because it had gotten cooler I played with my camera out on the deck. Here are some pictures of the Kobe skyline at night. When we first got here I had problems sleeping because of the city noise and the light pollution but now I hardly notice it. That is, except when student motor cycle gangs come plodding past our apartment. I've seen scooters and motorcycles just stall out on the climb, you can tell they're working hard to get students to school on time.

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