Monday, November 14, 2011

Nov 11 Pocky Day

November 11 is a very lucky day in Japan. It's because to Japanese people 11/11 looks like いい, which means "good". In order to celebrate the 11th people eat Pocky, delicious chocolate covered candy, which also look like the number 1. You can find them in the US too (or so we've been told).

Because this was November 11, 2011 people were very excited about Pocky. One of my classmates brought some in and here is a picture with us enjoying our Pocky. The class technically has 20 people in it, but, as you can see, many of them missed out on some delicious Pocky. The Japanese woman on the left is our sensei. Standing next to her is an Australian and then a man from India. You should recognize the woman in orange. Next to me is a woman from England, then another American, and then a Korean woman.

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