Monday, November 14, 2011

Kyoto Lights

Saturday night we went to Kyoto to see the lights. During the fall some of the temples and shrines light up their grounds to show off their foliage. The event is every night in November, begins at sunset and ends at 10pm. The shops and restaurants also stay open which is so weird now that we've gotten used to everything closing by 6pm. We were a little early, the leaves weren't quite changed yet, but the weather was perfect and the evening was very moody. Apparently the word moody has been adopted by Japanese people but means romantic when they use it. We went to the same temple we visited this summer, Kiyomizudera. This is the place where there is water you can drink that is supposed to bring good health. I took lots of pictures but didn't bring my tripod – big mistake. Since there was such low light the shutter remained open for a fairly long time and let's just say I could never be a surgeon. Here are the least blurry photos I took with my shaky hands.

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