Saturday, February 1, 2014

Singapore - The Cityscape

Singapore seemed to really be into design. There were lots of interesting buildings mixed in with older colonial style places. 
This is an art school that was near our hotel - notice the built in shade.

We had to take a picture of this sign. They take trespassing very seriously.
This is a big temple in Chinatown all decked out for New Year's.

Horses lining the street on the edge of Chinatown. This year is the year of the horse. When Craig was here last year there was a giant snake undulating down the street.

This picture shows the corner of a Hindu Temple. The temple was so ornate but there was a big ugly rain canopy set up out front.
This is Arab Street. I liked the more traditional architecture in the foreground and the modern skyscrapers in the back.
This is another shot of Arab St with a big, gold-domed mosque at the end.
Gus and me taking advantage of one of the ubiquitous shade trees.  It is so hot in Singapore but they've done a good job adding shade. I never felt like I needed a hat while walking around the city.
Putting plants on the outside of buildings seemed to be the new trend. Another way to help keep things cool.
This is outside a hawker center near some temples. Most of the people under the umbrellas are selling flowers or incense to be offered at the temples.
This is the Peranakan Museum. The Peranakan are natives of the area of mixed Chinese and Malay descent. A lot of the museum was focused on the Peranakan wedding traditions. I would not have wanted to be a Peranakan bride. For days leading up to the actual wedding, she needed to impress her future in-laws by cooking, doing bead work and showing off her knowledge of ceremonial protocol.
This signage is posted in the subway cars. There is no fine for bringing durian - do the other passengers get to kick you off?
This is the view from the roof of the Marina Bay Sands. We stayed here the last night so I could swim in their awesome pool. You can see the harbor, Gardens by the Bay (the armadillo shaped buildings on the left) and the Supertrees.
Supertrees in the background, cutie-pies in the foreground.
There is a suspension bridge hanging from the Supertrees. There are people on the bridge to give you an idea of how super the Supertrees are.
This is the Marina Bay Sands. It can hold 5000 people and the pool is on the roof spanning the three towers. It was the most expensive hotel we have ever stayed in.
Public sculpture of Lucas, the artist's infant son. It is made of bronze and those are full sized trees behind him.
Clarke Quay, a shopping and dining area along the river front.  Notice the giant, white sun shade.
In the evening there is a lazer light show at the bay. It is tough to see in the picture but images of babies and flowers and puppies are projected onto fog machine clouds and water fountains while feel-good, life affirming music was played.

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