Wednesday, June 13, 2012

In Honor of Father's Day

I learned an interesting fact yesterday.  I was talking about golf with one of my English students and discovered "hole-in-one insurance."  I've never gotten a hole-in-one but I assume that in America, if you do get one, your buddies buy your drinks.  In Japan it is the exact opposite.  If you get a hole-in-one here you buy the drinks.  Seriously, you are expected to put on a party for your close friends and all the people with whom you play golf.  This isn't just a round of drinks at the club, either.  So people can buy hole-in-one insurance just in case they are "lucky" enough to get one and have to put on a party.

I talked to my dad on Father's Day and asked him what happened when he shot a hole-in-one.  Turns out he did have to buy the drinks (that's what happens when you assume) but it wasn't an all out party and just was the guys at the club house.

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