Sunday, July 3, 2011

July 1st

We decided to explore Kobe's China Town. We went at dinner time and it was pretty quiet and uncrowded, to me a freakish state for a China Town. We've decided that Kobe is the city that starts getting ready for bed at 8pm and sleeps in till 10am. People leave for work early in the morning but most shops and restaurants open late and close early. We found a place with nice looking models and had gyoza, little dumplings filled with magic or pork, if you want to be accurate, and fried rice.

Afterwards we bought these cute little, what we thought were, desserts from one of the remaining food stalls. They turned out to not be very good in my opinion. They probably make them cute to fool people into buying them. In the square, a family seemed to be practicing for Chinese New Year. We think they were practicing because the dancers weren't going through a routine as much as trying stuff out.

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